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Stretching for 320 km against the shores of the Bay of Bengal, the eastern state of Orissa is a treasure trove of intricately carved monuments and temples, robust wild life, pure white beaches and intriguing tribal country. A tour to Orissa is a pilgrimage to the Sun God at the Sun Temple in Konark and homage to Lord Jagannath at Puri. The Lingaraj Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva completes the Golden Triangle, but definitely not the sights in Orissa.

Cities of Orissa

Located along the coast of Bay of Bengal, Orissa is characterized by its lush green landscape along fertile plains. Known for its rich culture and tradition, Orissa has all that it takes to pass muster as one of the popular travel destinations. There are a number of cities in Orissa that deserve a special visit. Each of the cities enjoys its own distinctive identity and individuality in terms of the spell it casts on the visitors. provides you with a ready reckoner as far as the cities in Orissa are concerned.


Bhubaneshwar has been rightly ascribed the title ‘Temple city of India’ as once it had 5000 temples. The city is a growing tourist hub with swarms of tourists thronging every year to pay visit to this enchanting tourist destination. Tour to Bhubaneshwar would offer a golden opportunity to the tourists to explore this lovely town which is replete with magnificent architectural splendors. Taking into account a wide range of tourist destinations, a Bhubaneshwar tour would embrace the various tourist attractions such as Lingaraja temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, which lends a mythological charm to the city.



The former capital of the state of Orissa in India, Cuttack was founded by Nripati Keshari in the 10th century. One of the oldest cities in Orissa, Cuttack is the commercial capital of the state and a tourist destination par excellence. A Tour to Cuttack will introduce you to this land of antiquities, monuments and handicrafts. The most popular draw for tourists on Tour to Cuttack is undoubtedly the exquisite silver filigree articles found here. Renowned internationally for its exquisite silver filigree work, Cuttack is a shopper’s paradise, with most of the popular handicraft items of Orissa being sold on the streets here.



Haflong is a hill station in Assam, situated at an altitude of 680 m from the sea level. Assam Haflong is famous for its scenic features comprising of azure blue hills, emerald green rivers, unique orchids such as Blue Vanda and rare species of birds. Haflong in Assam is often referred to as the land of blue hills. Inhabitants of Haflong generally include Himar, Mizo and Naga tribes. Pineapple and oranges are grown here in abundance. Haflong is best known for a lovely lakeside resort developed in the lavish green hills around the town. Haflong is at an altitude of 680 m above sea level .



Konark is a rich repository of monuments and ancient traditions that are of national, historical and religious importance. Konark is an admired tourist destination for its serene ambience, beautiful beaches and the heritage sites. The history of Konark states that Konark also shows evidence of maritime trade relations with Southeast Asian countries. Get engrossed with the traditional culture of Konark upon your Tour to Konark. While on a Tour to Konark visit its gorgeous tourist destinations. Sun Temple is of great tourist importance and a must see on your Konark tour.



Located in the southwestern district of Koraput in the Indian state of Orissa, Jeypore is home to nearly 62 tribal communities such as Gond, Dhruba, Paraja, Koya. A Tour to Jeypore is thus a study of the evolution of man before he was touched by the luxury of education and science. If you choose to embark upon a Tour to Jeypore In India, you have the option of going for a tribal tour or can simply explore its scenic beauty; whatever be your design, Jeypore will not disappoint you. A Tour to Jeypore In Orissa offers the rare opportunity to explore and witness rural life at its minutest detail without the pretensions of the unnerving city.


Pilgrimages of Orissa

Orissa has plenty to offer to the visitors as the state is home to numerous sites of tourist interest. Amongst others, the Holy Places in Orissa are major attraction for the travelers. Apart from general tourists, many devotees also come to these Orissa Holy Places for pilgrimage.


Enjoying the reputation of being the “Temple City of India”, Bhubaneshwar has carved a niche for itself on the Orissa tourism map. Flocked by devotees and leisure tourists alike, Bhubaneshwar is dotted with some more than 500 temples that are manifestations of the exquisite Orissan architecture. Among the Holy Places in Bhubaneshwar, Brahmeswar Mandir in Bhubaneshwar, India, enjoys a special importance. The temple located at a distance of about 1 km from the Jagannath-Puri main road, is counted among one of the architectural accomplishments that deserve a special visit



Gundicha Mandir in Puri is a popular temple. It can form an important part of your Tour to Puri. This temple is believed to be the abode of Lord Krishna’s aunt ‘Gundicha’. According to the belief it is said that the Lord spends time here for 9 days on the eve of Rath yatra in Puri. During the Rath Yatra, Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra are royally taken in bountifully designed wooden chariot (Rath) from the Jagannath temple to Gundicha Ghar. At the house, the aunt welcomes and offers them the padoapitha (rice cakes). The temple is located at the other end of the great highway (Badadanda).



On a tour to Puri, you will get to visit numerous attractive holy places in Puri. Jagannath Temple is not only an important Holy place in Puri but the whole of Orissa. It is considered as one of the most important char dhama in India. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The Jagannath Temple in Puri, India is held in high esteem by all the Hindus. It is an important pilgrimage destination in the city. The specialty of this temple is that the deities of Jagannath, Shuvodra and Balabhadra are made of wood. It is also famous for its kitchen or madapalli. This kitchen prepares food for Perumal. It feeds countless devotees every day.



Konark, situated at a distance of about 65 kms from Bhubaneshwar and 35 kms from Puri, is known for its Sun Temple that exemplifies architectural brilliance. Counted among one of the most popular Holy places in Konark, Sun Temple in Konark, India is dedicated to the Sun God or Surya. Reckoned as the masterpiece of the Orissa’s medieval architecture, Sun Temple in Konark has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. is your on-line e-travelogue and that is your one-stop guide for garnering all the required inputs on Konark’s Sun Temple.



Enjoying a special pride of place among the Holy Places in Bhubaneswar, the Lingaraj Mandir in Bhubaneswar, dates back to the 10th century. Its quaintness has not been able to dilute the feeling of veneration and reverence that the devotees attach to it till the present date. is your one stop search for all that you needed to know on Bhubaneswar’s Lingaraj Mandir. The Lingaraja Temple is visited by the devotees each day. There is a constraint is the total number of worship services that can be conducted in a particular day and is limited to 22.


Lakes & Rivers in Orissa

Orissa is a magnificent place that offers several options to the visitors. Lakes, waterfalls, rivers, temples, monuments, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries – Orissa has it all. Amongst others, the Lakes and Rivers in Orissa are popular sites of tourist interest


Orissa is a magnificent place that offers a lot of variety to the visitors. Amongst others, the Lakes and Rivers in Orissa are major tourist attractions. Many rivers run through the landscape of this state with accuracy of a carpenter’s saw, chiseling river valleys as well as fertile plains as they surge forward for their rendezvous with the Bay of Bengal. Amongst the rivers of this region, one that should not be missed is Brahmani River, Orissa. the state of Orissa, Brahmani River is the second largest river. This river is formed by the union of the South Koel and Sankh rivers in southern Bihar.



Orissa is a magnificent place that offers several options to the visitors. Lakes, waterfalls, rivers, temples, monuments, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries – Orissa has it all. Amongst others, the Lakes and Rivers in Orissa are huge draws for people coming to this place. Though several rivers run through the landscape of Orissa, Mahanadi River, Orissa has a place of its own. Mahanadi River, almost 885 kms long, rises in the state of Chhattisgarh and flows eastwards through the Eastern Ghats Mountains. It merges with the Bay of Bengal through a delta close to Cuttack in eastern Orissa. The major tributaries of Mahanadi River are Tel and Hasdo rivers.



Orissa is a magnificent place that has a lot to offer to the tourists. Amongst others, the Lakes and Rivers in Orissa are huge tourist attractions. Amongst the several lakes of this region, a place that you should not miss to visit is Chilka Lake, Orissa. Chilka Lake of Orissa is the largest inland salt-water lagoon of Asia. Studded with small islands that include the Honeymoon Island and Breakfast Island, Chilka Lake is alienated from the Bay of Bengal by a sandy ridge. The pear-shaped Chilka Lake stretches across 1,100 sq km. It has a unique ecosystem and a wide variety of aquatic flora and fauna can be seen in and around its brackish waters.


Museums in Orissa

Orissa, one of the busiest states as far as tourism is concerned, attracts huge number of tourists from India and abroad, owing to the several specimens of rich architecture in temples and stupas, the beautiful beaches and the gripping landscape of dense green forests, valleys and rivers. With a history of several ages, kingdoms and dynasties behind it, the state brags of some of the traces of earliest Indian civilizations. In order to have a closer look at the remains, relics and remembrances of the past, drop in at the Museums in Orissa.


Introduction to Archaeological Museum, Konark Konark in Orissa is highly acclaimed for its Sun Temple. It abounds in different types of tourist attractions. However, the ones which witness huge tourist footfalls are Museums and Monuments in Konark along with holy places. Of the various museums in Konark, Archaeological Museum in Konark, India features most commonly in the travel itinerary of the tourists. On a visit to Konark’s Archaeological Museum, you will see that the entire museum has four galleries that exhibit around 260 antiquities recovered from the excavations of Sun temple. It also features an extensive reserve collection.



Bhubaneshwar, the capital of Orissa, is also commonly known as the “Temple City of India”. It is the home town for the famous Tribhubaneswar or ‘Lord Lingaraj’, Bhubaneshwar is an important Hindu pilgrimage centre. You shall come across hundreds of temples which are scattered over the old town. The town once boasted of more than 2000 temples. Besides visiting the exquisite temples of Bhubaneshwar, explore the Museums and Monuments in Bhubaneshwar which are equally interesting and deserves a visit. Orissa Modern Art gallery in Bhubaneshwar features some interesting artifacts which are indeed exclusive.



Bhubaneswar is a rural capital city of Orissa with a charming juxtaposition of contemporary buildings and prehistoric temples, which rise, in great magnificence above new hotels, office blocks and industrial centers. Bhubaneswar is a significant pilgrimage center for the Hindus. There are many Tourist Attractions in Bhubaneshwar among which Museum of Man, Bhubaneshwar is worth paying a visit. Museum of Man in Bhubaneshwar is basically a research center that houses facts about the origin and evolution of the tribes that dwell in the various parts of Orissa. The location of the museum is near Baramubnda Bus stand.



State Museum in Bhubaneswar was shifted to its present base from Cuttack, after Bhubaneswar was ascribed the status of the capital of Orissa. There are a number of Museums and Monuments in Orissa that acts as major tourist highlights and the State Museum undoubtedly makes it to the top of the priority list of the visitors. The museum gives the visitors an insight into the art of the region. Ever since Bhubaneswar’s State Museum came into being, it has been doing a great job in terms of showcasing the origin and development of the rich tradition of art and sculpture in Orissa.


Monuments in Orissa

Orissa is a storehouse of natural resources and wildlife sanctuaries. However its history and tradition is as interesting as its natural abundances. The multi faceted Tourist Attractions in Orissa will leave one dumbfounded. The Monuments in Orissa are a blend of beauty, craftsmanship and artistic excellence. Each of these Monuments in Orissa has a significance in the history of Orissa. Some of these monuments are in a derelict condition as the ravages of time leaves nothing untouched.


The ruins of the Bara Bati Fort Cuttack brandishes to a past that was glorious. What ever remains of the gate and the nine storied building tells us of a history that is interesting and engaging. Today here stands a sports stadium that arranges various cultural programs and sports events. The temple of Katak Chandi is near to the Bara Bati Fort Cuttack. Bara Bati Fort Cuttack has a history that is integral to the history of Cuttack itself. Cuttack was founded by Nrupa Keshari in 989 A.D.King Anangabhima Dev III shifed his capital to Cuttack and built the Bara Bati Fort in 1229 A.D.



Nine Planets’ Shrine in Konark, India also known as the Navagraha Temple is situated at the Sun Temple at Konark. It has a 6 m chlorite slab, which forms the center piece of the small shrine. The Konark Sun Temple is situated 3 km from the seacoast, which is the major landmark of Konark. Nine Planet’s shrine in Konark is among the most frequented Museums and Monuments in Konark. The temple is one of the crowning glories of architectural marvel. It symbolizes the shape of a celestial chariot for taking Surya, the sun god, across the heavens. Seven majestic horses pull the chariot, with twelve wheels on either side.



Udaigiri and Khandgiri Caves in Bhubaneswar are counted amongst the much-famed tourist attractions in Bhubaneswar. These are the coarse sandstone caves that rise to a height of 40 meters. The plain environs and the simple structure of the caves testify the life of austerity and moderation led by the Jain monks. Trust to provide you with all the first hand info on Bhubaneswar’s Udaigiri and Khandgiri Caves.On the right to Cave 17, is the Ananta Caves that is known for carved figurines of women, elephant and snake that adorn the entrance



On a tour to Bhubaneshwar, you will be enthralled by rich Museums and Monuments in Bhubaneshwar despite the fact that it is essentially a temple city. Of the various monuments, the Pathani Samanta Planetarium in Bhubaneshwar, India with its unique features will catch your attention first. The basic aim of Bhubaneshwar’s Pathani Samanta Planetarium is to make people aware about astronomy, astrophysics and space science and generate awareness among them regarding their environment.


Wildlife in Orissa

Orissa is home to some of the best wildlife preservation centres. Nandan-Kanan national Park, Chilka lake, Simlipal Wildlife sanctuary are some of the places worth visiting. One can see the rare White tigers(Nandan-Kanan), Dolphins(Chilka Lake), Lion sanctuary(Simlipal) in this state. Also some of the endangered species of animals, birds and plants are preserved here. National Geographic has declared Orissa as one of the most natural habitat for Lions and Tigers. Western part of the state is an enjoyable place for the those who love to see the untampered nature


Nandan Kanan National Park is situated 20 Km from Bhubaneswar, capital city of Orissa, India. The name Nandan Kanan means ‘Garden of Pleasure’, which gets justified when one enters the park. Along the banks of lake Kanjia and amidst natural forest, is located one of India’a largest Tiger-safari, along with a reptile park, a botanical garden and a nocturnal animal park. The park has an interesting history that the idea of the park was given by National Geographic magazine. It happened so that a wild female tiger came to the zoo, found a tiger enclosure, and stayed there. it was unique in the way that no animal wants to stay in a fenced zoo.



One of the 18 tiger reserves of India, Simlipal is situated in the district of Mayurbhanj, Orrisa, spanning across an area of 2,750 sq. km and covered with lush grassland and Sal forests. Once a hunting place for the Kings of Mayurbhanj, Simlipal got established as a tiger reserve in 1956 and became a part of the Project Tiger Scheme in 1972, followed by its attainment of the status of a ‘National Park’ in 1979. Currently there are around 95 tigers in the sanctuary. The ecosystem of Simlipal falls under Mahanadi-biogeographic region. The sanctuary is home to twelve rivers and countless waterfalls.



The Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary is best known for the birds which come from as far as Siberia to make it their temporary home in the winter season. A bird census conducted in the year 2005 with the aid of the global positioning system in early January is sure to surprise most of us. It revealed that as many as 9 lakh migratory birds come here in the winters. The sight of these birds is a pleasure to the eyes. The most commonly visible birds are Eagle, Geese and Flamingoes. The Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary is indeed an ornithologist’s paradise. But it is also a must visit for the common tourists.



Visitors coming to Orissa would be surely enchanted by the state’s numerous waterfalls, rivers, temples, lakes, wildlife sanctuaries, monuments, beaches and museums. Amongst others, the Wildlife in Orissa draws a lot of people, both from within the country and beyond its borders. One such place that’s ranked highly amongst the wildlife sanctuaries of the state is the Balukhand Wildlife Sanctuary, Orissa. Balukhand Wildlife Sanctuary in Orissa, India houses a variety of flora and fauna. Some of the important fauna that you can see here consist of spotted deer, blackbuck, monkey, squirrel, striped hyena, jackal, jungle cat and mangoose



The Ambapani Sanctuary in Orissa is generally much-admired for its biodiversity – its rich flora and fauna. The Ambapani Sanctuary is the second largest dense mangrove ecosystem in India. Ambapani is considered as both a Sanctuary and National Park. The entire area of the Ambapani Wildlife Sanctuary extends for more than six hundred square kilometers. It is one of the very few evergreen repositories of the luxuriant mangrove vegetation in the world. In this sanctuary, more than sixty varieties of mangrove plants are found, which provide homes to a variety of pretty rare and unusual species of the plants. The breathing roots, which are known as the pneomatophores, stand like the sentinels of the land of Ambapani.


Beaches & Waterfalls in Orissa

Orissa is a splendid place that offers more than a few options to the visitors. Lakes, rivers, waterfalls, temples, wildlife sanctuaries, monuments, beaches – Orissa has it all. Amongst others, the Beaches and Waterfalls in Orissa are admired sites of tourist interest.


The ravines and densely vegetated slopes of the winding hills in Jeypore offer mind blowing views that draw thousands of tourists. The Waterfalls in Jeypore have the reputation of springing up in view when you least expect them. The Bagra Waterfall Jeypore is a charming waterfall on the river Kolab and an ideal picnic spot. You can visit the Bagra Waterfall In Jeypore In India as part of a daylong itinerary and reach the spot with packed lunch and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place punctuated by the constant gush of the waterfall. Plunging down from amidst the dense foliage, tangled roots and creepers.



Nestled amidst the dense vegetation in a deep valley, the Hathipathar Waterfalls Jeypore is formed by the Nagavali River that carves out two wondrous waterfalls in its pathway offering some lovely picnic spots. The name Hathipathar Waterfall In Jeypore In India translates into elephant rocks owing to the natural boulders strewn over the place that resemble elephants. Hathi means elephant and pathar means rocks. The Hathipathar Waterfall In Jeypore In Orissa is one of the most beautiful Waterfalls in Jeypore and is a marvelous place to hangout with packed lunch and all, for a whole day.



If you are looking forward for to beach holidaying, the Puri beach inevitable calls for a visit. The devout land of Puri has one of the finest beaches in India on the coastal territory of Orissa. It is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating Beaches in Puri and is located on the shores of the spectacular Bay of Bengal. Though the pulsating Puri beach in Orissa attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year the most favourable time to check out the gorgeous beach is early November when you will have the golden opportunity to participate in the annual Puri Beach Festival. The blend of the crafts, cuisines and cultural of Orissa will definitely enthrall you.



The 157.5 metres high glittering waterfall that has been formed by the Machhakund River is known as the Duduma Waterfall Jeypore. The site of the waterfall abounds in dense deciduous type forests and the beautiful topography made all the more beautiful by the gurgling stream. The Duduma Waterfall Jeypore is the highest among the Waterfalls in Jeypore. An enormous hydroelectricity project has been built around the Duduma Waterfalls In Jeypore In India and as a consequence a township can now be seen in Duduma. Machhakund is also an important place for pilgrimage and is known as `Matsya Tirtha’. The Duduma Waterfalls In Jeypore In India is located at a distance of 92 km from Koraput town. Buses and hired cars are available to reach Duduma.



Clean sands, turquoise waters, sun, and cool breeze are typical to the Konark Beach, Konark. It is regarded as one of the finest Beaches in Konark and is also popular the world over. It is located at a distance of 3 km from the well-known Sun temple. This famous beach draws lots of tourists every year not only from India but from all over the world. If you are on a Tour to Konark then you must not miss out on Konark Beach, Konark, as a visit to this heavenly tourist attraction is going to enchant you and give you the pleasure of a lifetime. The beauty and charisma of this place is simply beyond compare. The lengthy stretch of sylvan sands and soothing blue sea rushing in, in undulating waves makes the Konark beach in Orissa one of the most lovely places to unwind after a frantic sightseeing schedule.